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Why Choose Vital Mend Yacon Root

Vital Mend Yacon Root

Why Choose Vital Mend Yacon Root Extract 

With so many options of Yacon Root Extract and yacon Root Syrups and other formulas on the market, why choose Vital Mend Yacon Root? It’s quite simple and we are proud to tell you why. A few of the key benefits of ordering from Vital Mend are:

  • Our product contains 100% pure Yacon Root Extract. There are no binders, fillers, or added ingredients. It contains just Yacon Root Extract and a Vegetable Capsule to enclose the extract.
  • Vital Mend offers a satisfaction guarantee. This helps minimize your risk when trying the product. In order to qualify for the money back guarantee, you will need to purchase a minimum of 2 bottles of Yacon Root Extract, but you can read more about our guarantee here – money back guarantee.
  • Vital Mend offers free bottles with the more you purchase! This isn’t any type of ‘free’ trial where you will be signed up for reoccurring shipments or payments that are hard to cancel. It’s a one-time payment, and you will receive exactly what you pay for. Nothing more, nothing less.

 Vital Mend Yacon Root Is Quality Yacon Root

When you do order from Vital Mend, you know you are getting a top of the line, quality product, but what are the benefits of choosing Vital Mend Yacon Root Extract:

  • Yacon Root Extract boosts metabolism
  • Yacon Root Extract increases weight loss
  • Yacon Root Extract contains a lot of fiber which helps with both digestion and constipation
  • Yacon Root Extract lowers blood sugar. Your body will not digest Yacon Root like it does with similar sweet sugars. This won’t raise blood sugar.
  • Yacon Root Extract contains FOS (fructooligosacharides). This is a probiotic that is great for digestion and keeping your gut flora healthy.
  • Yacon Root Extract is rich in antioxidants. They help repair and protect your cells against further damage.
  • Yacon Root Extract reduces inflammation. When your body is inflamed it can lead to health issues such as heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, and more.
  • Vital Mend Yacon Root Extract reduces the level of the hunger hormone gherlin, which will make you feel more full when you are taking Yacon, resulting in less food being eaten during each meal and leading to more weight loss.

Vital Mend Yacon Root Is Yacon Root You Can Trust

When looking for quality Yacon Root consider Vital Mend Yacon Root and buy with confidence. We offer customer support and an unbeatable return policy. Vital Mend stands behind our products and want to keep our customers happy! Vital Mend products are made with the highest quality measures in place to guarantee you a product you will love!

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