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Top 5 Questions About Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee

The green coffee bean extract has become very popular and everyone has questions. What are the most important questions to ask when doing your homework trying to find out which company’s product is right for you?

Questions About Green Coffee Bean Extract

By far the most asked question is, “Is your product pure?” The answer you want to hear is, Yes. A pure product will be the most beneficial to your diet process but it is also the safest. You want the only ingredient to be 100% pure green coffee bean extract. There should be no additives, no fillers, no binders and no stimulants. It should also be in a vegetable capsule, which is pure and organic, itself.

“Does your product contain Chlorogenic acid?” Chlorogenic acid is the natural enzyme that occurs in high quality green coffee beans. For a supplement that will be effective you need it to contain 45-50% chlorogenic acid. You may also wonder what GCA or Svetol is. GCA stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant, that is commonly how the chlorogenic acid is listed on the products, Chlorogenic acid is the antioxidant. Svetol is also chlorogenic acid. A company simply decided to give the antioxidant/enzyme a name of its own.

“How many milligrams does your product have?” When taking your supplement you want to be getting 1600 mgs of the Green coffee extract daily. This is done by taking 1 of the 800mg capsules twice a day.

“How much weight will I lose taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?” The average weight loss with no diet or exercise change is 20 pounds in 12 weeks. If a diet of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables low in sugars and starches is used along with a minimal impact exercise routine you will experience a quicker weight loss as well.

“Why is this product more expensive than others I have seen?” A high quality green coffee bean is not cheap. The Green Coffee beans can be as much as 15.00$ per pound. The average cost should be 45-60.00$ for a 1 month supply. This is for pure, 100% natural green coffee bean extract with no additives, fillers, binders or stimulants.

Do Research Before Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract

If you are currently doing your homework, looking for the green coffee bean extract supplement that is right for you please do not forget to ask these questions. This is the healthiest and most effective way to go, and you will find yourself very happy with your results.

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