Tips to Help Kids Exercise

Kids Exercise

Kids Exercise is Needed

Childhood obesity has become a nationwide epidemic. In 2010, more than a third of children and adolescents were obese. And this rate has actually more than doubled in children and more than tripled in adolescents over the last 30 years! When it comes to childhood obesity, agencies, parents, teachers, and more are quick to point the finger at who is to blame. But rather than placing blame on one organization or company, here are some tips to keep your kids active and healthy!

Kids Exercise Ideas

  • Help your child find an extracurricular activity that they love and look forward to participating in. There are lots of options for kids whether it’s soccer, dance, swimming, or other sports. Your child may not like the first sport they try, so don’t force them to continue. Try searching out a new activity. Sometimes it will take kids 3-4 different activities to find the one they love.
  • Lead by example. It’s really hard to motivate kids to get moving when their parents aren’t doing the same. Rather than telling the kids to go outside while we sit and relax by watching TV, go outside with your kids.
  • Find an activity the whole family can enjoy. This can be anything from hiking, sledding, basketball, bowling, or miniature golf. Just get moving! If everyone is having fun, nobody realizes that you’re actually getting a workout.
  • Cut down on the electronics. With everything literally at our fingertips nowadays, it is okay to take a break. Limit TV and video game time. Cut back on how much time they can spend on their tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Set a curfew for all electronics. For example, no electronics after 7pm every night. There may be some exceptions, but be careful about how many exceptions slip through.
  • Seek out fun activities that don’t require a commitment. Recently trampoline centers have been making a breakthrough. Imagine jumping on a trampoline for an hour straight. Not only will it help the parent feel like a kid again, but the kids will be exhausted afterwards too! Other things would be neighborhood activities, 5K’s, and more.


What are some of your favorite Kids Exercise?

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