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A Close Look At Chlorella Extract

Chlorella Extract

A Detailed Look At Chlorella Extract Chlorella Extract is a type of algae that grows abundantly in fresh water. It is used to increase “good” (beneficial) bacteria in the intestine in order to help improve natural digestion. Chlorella Extract is a great product for anyone looking to boost their immune system and remove any toxins […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Delicious And Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Options Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with family and friends planning to make an appearance, it is best to get ready and be prepared to say no to the unhealthy food.  Most of the time, between the homemade rolls, the extra desserts, and unnecessary carbs, people tend to […]

Easy Fall Exercises To Boost Metabolism

Fall Exercises

Easy Fall Exercises To Keep The Pounds Off  Cold weather is quickly approaching and sometimes this means that we stop exercising and go into hibernation mode. It’s too cold and we don’t have the motivation to get moving because staying in a warm house is much more appealing. Don’t’ use these excuses though. Once you […]

Exactly Why We Do NOT Offer Free Trials

Why We Do Not Offer Free Trials

Free Trials Are Very Misleading Vital Mend is known for carrying the most popular weight loss supplements available on the market. And although, with most products, we offer a free bottle sale, this does not mean the same thing as a “free trial” which other companies offer seem to promote to their clients.  Our free […]

Increase Weight Loss With Black Bean Extract

Weight Loss With Black Bean Extract

Tips To Increase Weight Loss With Black Bean Extract: Ever wonder how much weight can be lost with these 100% all natural supplements? Almost every website will claim a different number, so which results are actually correct? The way to get the best answer is to do a little research and read the actual test […]

Healthy Halloween Food Choices

Healthy Halloween Food Choices

Healthy Halloween Food Choices To Consider This Fall Halloween is right around the corner. Stores are filling up with plenty of candy, caramel apples, and more delicious treats. The holidays tend to be the time of year that most people will gain unwanted weight due to the vast amount of unhealthy food that is filling […]

Chlorella Extract Wholesale Information

Chlorella Extract Wholesale

Chlorella Extract Wholesale For Businesses Do you have a health & wellness business where you would like to expand your product line? Or maybe you are a consumer who has used Chlorella Extract in the past with success and would like to increase your current cash flow based off your personal success? Either way, Vital […]

Healthy Drink Ideas

Healthy Drink

Healthy Drink Options Are Crucial For Dieting While diet and exercise are both great ways to improve your health, making sure what you are drinking is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Just because a soda is diet, does not mean that it is healthy to drink. When reading the ingredients, you’ll find that it’s […]

What Is Black Bean Extract

Black Bean Extract

History Of Black Bean Extract Black bean extract is a super antioxidant and fat burner that is high in folate, protein and fiber. Black bean extract is also known as C3G. C3G is the antioxidant in the Black bean Extract that makes it effective. C3G, Cyanidin-3-Glucoside, has been the focus of recent research investigating not […]

A Colon Cleanse For Healthy Living

Colon Cleanse

Getting healthy can come with many different beginnings. Sometimes it’s as easy as cleaning out the old and in with the new! A colon cleanse will do just that. Clean out the old and prepare your body for a better diet and living. What Is A Colon Cleanse? Most of you may not even know […]