Reach for Your Fitness Goals


Fitness Goals After the New Year

Now that the New Year is here, how are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? A lot of resolutions get set and during the month of January, we all do a great job keeping up on them! We start exercising, now that we have more free time with the holidays behind us. And after filling up on sweets and junk food for the month of December, we all feel a lot better once we start eating healthy. January is an easy month to stick with our goals. It’s typically cold outside, making it convenient to get workouts done indoors such as a workout video, a run on a treadmill, yoga, or other indoor activities. In January, we don’t have to celebrate any major holidays that are commercialized by candy, food, and more food! We get to relax and focus on ourselves. But then comes February, with Valentine’s Day and candy galore! The month of February is then followed by the warm spring months where we like to take advantage of being outdoors, opening the windows, and even more relaxing after being cooped up all winter. So where do we lose track of our fitness goals? Is it because we start seeing results from our January efforts, so we start to slack off? Or maybe there are other reasons we aren’t succeeding. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals:

Tips to Stay Focused On Your Fitness Goals

–       Keep a food journal! Studies have shown that people who keep a food journal daily lose more weight over time. This helps keep yourself accountable in the food choices you make on a daily basis. Your food journal should contain at least the food you eat and the beverages you drink. You can also include how you’re feeling that day, exercise that you may have done, and anything else you feel is journal-worthy. Always try to write down at least one thing that’s positive.

–       Don’t focus on a number! Sure, we all have a goal weight, but is that really the most important thing? There are women that weigh 150lbs and will have completely different body types, one may be thin while the other may be heavy. Focus on getting healthy and fit, not the goal number.

–       Find an accountability partner or a health coach. Finding a friend, co-worker, or family member to help hold you accountable for your actions will help you stay focused on your goals. Having a regular check in date will help you be accountable for your actions. If you don’t work out one week, let your partner know. They shouldn’t be disappointed, but should help you stay motivated. If there is not someone you can think of to help you stay accountable, consider hiring a health coach. Health coaching is an up and coming practice that can help you lose weight, become healthier, stress less, and hold you accountable. Imagine a professional who is trained in diets, exercise, and counseling all in one. They can help you determine the right diet for you, the right exercise routine, and give you tips to stay motivated. Above all, focus on getting healthy. Take vitamins such as Green Coffee Bean Extract to help you.

–       Don’t worry about hiccups. We all have hiccups when it comes to staying healthy. Maybe we went out with friends and had one too many appetizers or one too many drinks. It happens! Dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

Fitness Goals Summary

In Summary, focus on a new and healthier you. The other minor details will fall into place after you realize what your real fitness goals are.

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