How To Avoid Bad MSM

Avoid Bad MSM

Tips To Save You From Bad MSM 

MSM stands for Methylsufonylmethane.  It is a supplement taken 1-3 times daily.  It promotes joint health and contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in joint pain. MSM is a biological sulfur, which occurs naturally in the human body as well as by other animals and plants.  It is important to know what to look for when purchasing this supplement because not all companies that provide it have effective products. Many companies only started selling MSM because of it’s growing popularity without caring for quality or effectiveness. How do you spot bad MSM? Lets take a look at these guidelines to keep you from buying an inferior product so you can take advantage of the key benefits of MSM.

 Stay Away From Bad MSM

It may take some time for an individual to see/feel the benefits of taking MSM. It really depends on how long you have been experiencing joint pain. MSM is a wonderful supplement which can greatly reduce joint pain as well as provide other benefits such as improving the suppleness of skin and the shininess of hair and nails, which in turn makes them less prone to cracking and splitting. Some users will see results within a matter of days, whereas others may take MSM for several months to a year before noticing an affect.  It is a safe supplement to take long term, however it’s always recommended to consult a physician prior to taking a supplement to ensure it is appropriate for you especially since MSM can cause a thinning of the blood so if you are taking any medications, especially blood thinners ensure that you consult your physician.  The most common side effect associated with MSM is Gastrointestinal problems, rash and headache, which is why it is recommended to take with food which will decrease possible side effects. Bad MSM will only prolong results if you notice any at all. This makes it very important to search for a reputable company when looking to buy MSM.

The Red Flags For Bad MSM

Whenever ordering products such as MSM it is best to get it from a reputable company to ensure the highest quality and most effective product.  When purchasing MSM avoid products with less than 1000mg per capsule. Follow the recommended MSM dosage for best results. Also, there should be no other ingredients besides the capsule itself; no fillers, binders or blends listed on the label. Bad MSM may contain extra ingredients that take away from the potency of the MSM itself. Also ensure that the product is made in the USA in an FDA registered lab. That lab should also be GMP certified for consistent quality.  Be sure to call the company prior to ordering to ensure they are easily reached, especially before ordering a “free” trial which often comes with an automatic renewal where they keep charging you for more product that you may never even see. Free trials are typically anything but free.


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