Healthy Restaurant Eating

Healthy Restaurant Eating

Healthy Restaurant Eating Can Be Tough

It seems to never fail that while you are watching what you eat and trying to live a healthier lifestyle, an event or invitation to a restaurant will come along that you cannot deny.  Maybe you just started taking the Vital + Diet Drops or Garcinia Cambogia, so what are you supposed to do if you have to go out to eat, but want to stay true to your new healthy way of living? You don’t need to stop going out with friends and family you just need to be more aware and prepared for healthy restaurant eating. Take a look at the difference between a healthy 2000 calories and an unhealthy 2000 calories.

 Healthy Restaurant Eating Is Not Impossible

Here are a few tips to help you make healthier choices while trying to stick to healthy restaurant eating:

  1. Review the menu before arriving at the restaurant. This way you know exactly what to expect. You can plan your meal ahead of time so there are no surprises. You can even call the restaurant ahead of time to see what they have to offer.
  2. Order items without the extras. The extras would be items like cheese, croutons, French fries, etc.
  3. Substitute healthier foods in for unhealthy options. Rather than getting a side of fries with your meal, ask if you can substitute a salad or a side of vegetables to aid in your healthy restaurant eating. If you do get a salad, ask for no cheese or croutons. Also ask for your dressing on the side and only use as much as you need to add a little flavor to the salad. Typically 2 TBSP of salad dressing can have as much as 80-120 calories per serving, yet restaurants will serve salads with as much as ¼ c. of dressing.
  4. Don’t drink your calories. When going out to eat, avoid the sweet soda and stick with water. You can add a lemon if needed. If you want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage try something like gin and tonic rather than a large beer when aiming for healthy restaurant eating. Shoot for something lower in calories.
  5. When ordering a large meal, ask for a take out box when your meal comes out. Put half of your meal in the box and then eat the other half. This will remove any temptation to overindulge as well as give you a second meal to enjoy later.
  6. Only eat until you are about 80% full. If you start to feel extremely full, stop!
  7. Rather than getting a dessert, try for a cup of fresh fruit. You could also share a dessert with a few other guests to cut down on how much you eat and make sure you don’t overindulge.

Healthy Eating Can Be Easy If You Focus On Your Ultimate Goal

Healthy restaurant eating is easy if you take the time to analyze the menu and take in to account what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t let the sweets and fatty foods take your focus away from your ultimate goal. Take a little time and remember why you want to eat healthy in the first place. The benefits will last longer than a delicious desert will taste. What are your hardest food choices to turn down?

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