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Healthy Halloween Food Choices

Healthy Halloween Food Choices

Healthy Halloween Food Choices To Consider This Fall

Halloween is right around the corner. Stores are filling up with plenty of candy, caramel apples, and more delicious treats. The holidays tend to be the time of year that most people will gain unwanted weight due to the vast amount of unhealthy food that is filling the grocery stores. However, it doesn’t all need to be unhealthy or the cause of weight gain. Don’t give into the temptations of the spooky sweet treats. The end results will scare you more that a ghoulish marshmallow ghost. Below are some great tips and Healthy Halloween Food Choices to help lower the number on the scale during the holidays.

Consider These Healthy Halloween Food Choices And Tips 

• Eat First – Before you go out trick or treating, make a healthy dinner and get the kids (and adults) full before they come home with bags of candy. This will help eliminate the amount of candy they consume right after bringing home thousands of unhealthy calories.
• Get Rid of Excess Candy – There is no need to keep every single piece of candy that comes in your home. Get rid of them, or put them in bags and store them for later dates. Use ziplock baggies to portion out the candy and stick to a schedule.
• Get Exercise – Set a goal with your kids to try and get as many houses, or have races with the kids to race to the next house. This helps them, and you, burn calories. Not only that they will sleep great and be less likely to gorge themselves on sugar.
• Give Out Healthy Snacks – Be different and pass out healthy halloween food choices versus candy. Try boxes of raisins, juice boxes, or bags of pretzels as a healthy alternative. Click here for some ideas for healthy meals for kids!

There Is Also A Great List Of Healthy Halloween Food Choices And Small Snacks

• cereal bars
• snack packets of dried fruit, baked pretzels, nut and seeds (e.g. peanuts*, unsalted almonds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds)
• trail mix
• animal crackers
• gold fish crackers
• graham crackers
• Cracker jacks
• beef or turkey jerky
• single serve boxes of ready-to-eat cereal
• raisins and chocolate covered raisins
• sugar-free gum or hard candy
• gummy candies made with real juice
• mini boxes of raisins
• individual juice drinks (100% juice)
• snack pack pudding
• Jello with fruit
• applesauce
• bean dip
• single-serve packets of low-fat microwave popcorn
• sugar-free hot chocolate or apple cider packets
With so many choices of healthy foods, it should a simple task to make this Halloween a healthy one.

What are some of your favorite healthy Halloween  food choices? Do you have any suggestions to give regarding Healthy Food Choices For Fall?

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