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Healthy Drink Ideas

Healthy Drink

Healthy Drink Options Are Crucial For Dieting

While diet and exercise are both great ways to improve your health, making sure what you are drinking is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Just because a soda is diet, does not mean that it is healthy to drink. When reading the ingredients, you’ll find that it’s full of artificial sweeteners and other unhealthy things. So what should you be drinking instead of sodas, diet sodas, and sugar-filled fruit juices? Here are some suggestions:

Healthy Drink Choices

  • Water!!! – This is such an underutilized resource. We all need water to function. Our brain uses it, our muscles use it, and really our entire body uses it. We recommend drinking at least 64oz of water per day, but ideally you want to drink half of your weight in water per day. For example, if you weigh 200lbs, you’ll want to go for 100oz of water per day. This number may need to be adjusted due to your level of physical activity. If it’s a particularly hot day or you are doing more physical activity than normal, try to drink a little bit more to stay hydrated.
  • If water is just too boring for you, try adding fruit or vegetables to your water. Try adding sliced cucumbers, lemon, lime, strawberries, or even mint to your water for added flavor. It’ll give you that added boost while keeping your water healthy and hydrating.
  • Fresh juice – This does not include the sugar filled fruit juices you find at the store. If you’ve always wanted to try juicing your own fruits and vegetables, a juicer may be perfect for you. A great recipe to try would be ¼ lemon, 3 kale leaves, 3 carrots, 1 orange (peel removed), and 1 apple. The sooner you drink this after you juice it, the better.
  • Coconut water – If you are an athletic person that typically relies on sports drinks to keep you hydrated, try coconut water instead. This helps hydrate your body while naturally balancing electrolytes. It also contains a lot of natural potassium, which can help with leg cramps.
  • If you are missing soda and are about to crack, try sparkling water instead. It’ll give you that carbonation fix that you may need. If you don’t like plain sparkling water, try adding one of the fruits or veggies listed above. You can even muddle the fruit or veggie in the bottom of a glass, then fill with sparkling water for even more flavor.
  • Herbal teas – Most herbal teas contain zero calories and have numerous health benefits. For example, peppermint tea can be used to soothe an upset stomach. Chamomile may help curb hunger. Try adding herbal teas into your routine.
  • Coffee – Coffee does have some health benefits, so try having a cup of coffee in the morning. Be cautious about how much sugar or creamer you are adding though, because that will increase your calorie intake quickly. Try limiting yourself to 1-2 cups of coffee per day. That way when you really need that extra boost, you’ll feel the effects of caffeine when you decide to have another cup.


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