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Exactly Why We Do NOT Offer Free Trials

Why We Do Not Offer Free Trials

Free Trials Are Very Misleading

Vital Mend is known for carrying the most popular weight loss supplements available on the market. And although, with most products, we offer a free bottle sale, this does not mean the same thing as a “free trial” which other companies offer seem to promote to their clients.  Our free bottle sale does provide free product but only with purchase of product. More or less a bonus. For instance, with our Garcinia Cambogia you have to buy 2 bottles at the regular price of $110 in order to get two additional bottles for free.  Whereas with other companies, you can get a free bottle by paying for shipping only. Now that we’ve explained the details behind free trials let us explain why we do not like to promote them.

 Free Trials Are Not Actually Free

The problem with this, and why we at Vital Mend do not offer “free” trials is that when you sign up for free trials and pay for shipping they will enroll you in an automatic renewal program where they will continue to charge you for additional product every month and they keep the card information provided to pay for shipping in order to do so.  Many companies that offer this feature are very hard to get a hold of in order to cancel, which means you may continue to be charged as much as $160 every month for product you may or may not want until you can get the matter resolved. This can end up costing somebody hundreds of dollars before the problem is actually resolved.

 Free Trials Come At A Cost

At Vital Mend we do not offer free trials. We never keep card information on file. If you order product from us it is always a one time payment. If you need or want more product you will have to contact us in order to place additional orders. And instead of charging you more for additional product, our returning customers get a discount for repeat orders! And although many dieters look for “free” trials to see if it works before ordering more, we offer a 60 day return policy instead, so if you are not happy with your results after using it for 60 days (must order a minimum of 2 bottles) then you have up until 90 days to get authorized for a return. You wouldn’t get a full refund because there will be a disposal fee of 25%  but it definitely limits your risk (and you don’t have to worry about continuing charges for more product).


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