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Tips on Finding the Best Diet For You


What is the Best Diet? There are thousands of diets on the market today, fueling a multi-billion dollar industry. But how do you know what diet is best for you? One person’s food is another person’s poison, meaning there is not one single diet that will work for every single person. So how do you […]

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Whole Foods Diet


What Exactly is a Whole Foods Diet? There are so many diets on the market being advertised, but what is the Whole Foods Diet? It’s a diet with an emphasis on eating lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. It minimizes the intake of processed foods that include artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and […]

Tips to Fight Cravings


Reasons to Fight Cravings The holidays are upon us, and that means there is going to be an abundance of parties, food, and stress. Cravings for sweets, eggnog, and other unhealthy items are not unusual this time of year, but the key is finding out where these cravings are coming from and how to combat […]