Live Gambling At Casinos And Gambling Houses Only Until 18:00 By Corona

Live Gambling At Casinos And Gambling Houses Only Until 18:00 By Corona

Another blow for the casinos and gambling halls in the Netherlands. By the new Corona measures, all these establishments must close in the coming weeks at 18:00.

Going to the casino after work is not possible in the coming weeks. But you can play online at Live Andar Bahar. The measure includes Holland Casino and all the various gambling halls in the Netherlands such as Jack's Casino, Fairplay Casino, and Hommerson branches.

All "non-essential services" close their doors at six o'clock in the evening

Not only casinos and gambling halls close their doors. Barber stores, beauticians, and stores will also close at 6 p.m. for the next three weeks. The hospitality industry and essential stores may close two hours later. Essential stores include supermarkets, drugstores, and pet stores, for example. The measures apply for three weeks. Rutte is also talking about a new support package for affected businesses. That support package is not yet "live" and few details are available.

The new measures are seen as a "mini lockdown". Whether the measures stay on for more than three weeks will depend on the situation.

2G or 3G in hospitality and casinos?

There has been talking of a 2G or 3G policy in the Netherlands for some time. 2G stands for two groups: Vaccinated and Healed. 3G stands for Vaccinated, Cured, or Tested.

This now includes fixed seating in the hospitality industry and access only with a ticket. This is also the case in barber stores and non-essential stores.

To enter the Holland Casino at the moment you also need an admission ticket and you must currently be tested, cured or vaccinated. So that means there is currently a 3G policy. In the future, the government may opt for a 2G policy. This means that with a test certificate you will not be allowed entry. The plans are currently on the table but nothing has been decided yet.

In Germany and Austria, the 2G policy is already in place at various events. One state implements 2G in the cultural sector while in Berlin, for example, the hospitality industry is free to choose between the 2G and 3G policies. If a 2G policy is introduced in the hospitality sector in the Netherlands, it will undoubtedly be extended to casinos as well. The expectation is that through such an aggravating measure, other rules will be somewhat weakened. It could then mean that the casinos, restaurants, and gambling halls go back to their "normal" opening hours but that they can only receive vaccinated and cured guests.

For now, it remains speculation. The new measures have only been active for a few days and no effect has been measured yet. Whether the measures will be extended beyond Friday, December 3 remains to be seen.

What are the alternatives to gambling in gambling halls and casinos during the day?

Taking a day off to visit the casino may be going a bit far. Still, if you want to gamble in a land-based casino, you have few other options. Now, there is a possibility to go to a casino on the weekend, but no doubt you won't be the only one.

Gambling At Casinos

Luckily, there are online casinos that are open 24/7. This way you can continue playing at any time of the day and more importantly when it suits you. Holland Casino now also has an online casino where you can play poker, roulette, blackjack, professional wrestling themed slots, and many other casino games. If you like to gamble, it is, therefore, an advantage that you can finally gamble legally in the Netherlands. With the new Distance Gaming Act, there are ten companies that offer online games of chance. So for now, the only alternative to gambling in the evening seems to be an online casino.