Acai Berry Benefits

Acai Berry

What is the Acai Berry?

The acai berry is a fruit that grows on the acai palm trees in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil. It is a dark purple berry and about the size of a grape. Acai has a delicious tropical berry flavor and provides exceptional nutrition. It contains high levels of antioxidants, Omega Fatty Acids (healthy fats), Iron, Amino Acids, Fiber, and many other vitamins and minerals.  Approximately 10% of the berry contains edible pulp and skin and the remaining 90% is the seed or pit. Most of the nutrients come from the pulp and skin and the seed is normally not eaten. With the great taste and health benefits it is not surprising that this food is becoming extremely popular.

Does Acai Berry Help With Weight Loss?

In addition to being rich in nutrients, acai is becoming the next great weight loss supplement.  Scientific evidence has proven that acai contains several key elements that suppress appetite, increase metabolism and help build muscle tone. With 15-20 times the antioxidants as red grapes, it is one of best sources of antioxidants of any food. There are even more benefits to acai.

Other Benefits of the Acai Berry

The acai berry can help protect against heart disease. It is extremely high in anthocyanins, the plant antioxidant, giving similar results as red wine. The berry contains phytochemicals that contribute to fighting the effects of aging and inflammation and are known to prevent allergic reactions.  The amazing fruit can promote more restful sleep and ward off insomnia. Acai has been linked to overall increased blood circulation in the body, this contributes to an increase in libido especially for men. The berry is very high in Vitamin C and ellagic acid, a combination that has been shown to suppress the growth of cancer. The phytochemicals support the immune system in unbelievable ways! This super food is an amazing addition to any diet or daily routine. Not only does it have all the above mentioned qualities it also will give a boost of energy & stamina, as well as promote healthy weight loss and assist in maintaining said weight.

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