8 Great Winter Activities To Boost Your Metabolism

Boost your metabolism

8 Winter Activities To Boost Your Metabolism

It sure is a cold winter across the most areas of the Nation; some cities are even showing record lows this year. During this cold time, unlike summer, it is much more difficult to get the body to burn calories and get valuable exercise while doing fun activities. During the winter, it is common for people to avoid the outdoors and focus on keeping warm. However, staying in indoors can also prevent people from burning calories and keeping their metabolism at a healthy level.   We have compiled a list of great activities to do during the winter designed to boost your metabolism and burn calories at the same time. Hopefully these activities keep the holiday pounds gained at bay.

 8 Great Activities Designed To Boost Your Metabolism This Winter

  • Exercise DVD’s: Find a fun exercise DVD that your whole family can enjoy. There are so many on the market today that it will be easy to find one that keeps you motivated.
  • Dance:  Crank up the tunes and dance around your house. Even though it is fun, you will be burning a lot of calories without even realizing it. Incorporate this into cleaning or try during commercial breaks during your favorite shows.
  • Play a Game: There are so many different video games that can get your heart rate going. Some of our favorites include the Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution for the Xbox, and many more. These games are designed to boost your metabolism and get the endorphins flowing! Not only do they help you lose weight but the release of extra endorphins actually make you a happier person!
  • Clean House: Cleaning up your home involves a good deal of physical labor. Sweeping, mopping, and dusting actually burn fat, use that as motivation to keep your place tidy.
  • Ice Skating:  Ice skating gives your leg muscles a great workout. Not only that it’s a blast to do! If you live in a cold state take advantage of some time at the rink.
  • Snowshoeing: This is a fun low-impact exercise that burns a lot of calories without even realizing it. Your local sports retailer will most likely have a set of shoes you can rent for around $10 a day. You will be shedding layers before you know it.
  • Indoor Rock Climbing: If you are looking for a fun workout that keeps you indoors, rock climbing is a fantastic option. This work out will use all areas of your body. You will find sore muscles in places you never knew you had muscles! Indoor climbing is a very exciting way to boost your metabolism.
  • Hot Yoga: If it is freezing where you are, not only will this warm you up, but you can burn between 500-1000 calories in one class. Go at your own pace and don’t over do it. Many people end up hating hot yoga because they push themselves too hard the first few classes.

 Boost Your Metabolism And Stay Active

Although it might be freezing outside, don’t let the weather give you the winter blues. Studies show that exercising and keeping your body moving during the cold months has many benefits including an increase in energy, overall mood improvement, and simply put, is great for your health.

What winter activities do you enjoy that boost your metabolism?


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