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5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Metabolism

Take Control Of Your Metabolism

Take Control Of Your Metabolism, Take Control Of Your Weight 

How does our metabolism work? Metabolism is the process used by our bodies to convert food into energy. When your metabolism works correctly, the conversion of food to energy is a rapid process giving our bodies the chance to burn the calories you consume. When your metabolism is slow, you don’t effectively use the calories that you are taking in and this is what leads to excess body fat. This is what leads to weight gain. Two people can eat the exact same thing and one will burn all of the calories that they intake and the other will hold those calories and this is a direct effect of a fast and slow metabolism. So how do you take control of your metabolism? Here are some helpful pointers that will get your metabolism running like a freight train burning off those calories you intake before they turn into unwanted pounds.

 5 Ways to Take Control Of Your Metabolism

 1. Weight Training

Lifting weights is the best way to promote muscle growth.

Growing and repairing your muscles requires more energy from your body which in turn boosts your metabolism.

After a work out you will raise your metabolism so high that you will continue to burn calories for an additional three days! This is a very important way to take control of your metabolism because the process of repairing muscle takes time. You burn calories even while you’re sleeping!

 2. Eat Protein

Eating protein should be consumed daily but if you are trying to lose weight you should eat lean protein and have it count for 30 percent of your caloric intake during the day. Lean protein will help boost your metabolism throughout your day.

Lean proteins produce calories that are easily converted into energy rather than fat.

 3. Eat Often

During your day you need to eat little and often. Eating small meals more often during a day at the same times everyday has been shown to help take control of your metabolism.

Diets that limit your caloric intake to under 1,000 calories actually do harm because eating so little slows down your metabolism causing your body to eat away at your muscles first before moving to fat.

Eat clean, small portions often to take control of your metabolism.

 4. Spicy Foods

This one is a give and take. The give is finding spicy foods with lower calories and low fat. The take is spicy foods can raise your heart rate which in turn will boost your metabolism.

Cayenne pepper and chilli powders are a common favorites to add to lean proteins to get the best results when boosting your metabolism.


Sometimes the clean eating and excercise are just not enough. This is where CLA can help. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

is an excellent fat burner but is also used as an effective metabolism booster. Taking CLA reduces fat deposits in the body and decreases appetite.

CLA increases your metabolism. It also causes you to burn calories and fat faster, which suggests an increase in metabolism.

Take Control Of  Your Metabolism For A New Healthy You

When you take control of your metabolism you take control of how your body processes food. If you let your metabolism slow down you will burn muscle and gain unwanted, unhealthy weight. When you speed up your metabolism your muscles will burn the excess fat you have and burn the unwanted calories you do consume before they can be converted into fat. Think of it like a car engine. A clean engine will get better gas mileage because its running at peak performance. A dirty sluggish engine will get bad gas mileage and continue to collect unwanted deposits. Clean up your body and take control of your metabolism.

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